Thursday, May 24, 2012

Non-Dairy Domino's Pizza!!!! 
My First Domino's Pizza! 
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Domino's : my go-to for non-dairy pizza! :) #DairyAllergy
(I do not recommend this for anyone else with a severe dairy allergy. This is something my medical mom and my physician and I did. Please consult your own doctor before playing with your food allergies.)

Hi all you dairy-allergy people and family and friends!

I got to have my first pizza at Domino's! It was a thin crust with their basic pizza sauce (the only non-dairy one). On the pizza I got all the vegetables and meats (besides salami - which has butter on it)!

It tasted soooo good! I am going to get that at Domino's from now on on my family's pizza night! :)

I did not have any bumpy reactions, no sneezing, no puffy eyes and it was scrumptious! Thanks for reading! Have a terrific weekend!!! - (a Lego fan... clearly) Loves Dairy-Free Pizza from Domino's and Lego's!!! :) loves Lego's forever.  :)

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