Monday, January 9, 2012

Animal Cell Model Project : Cake and Candy (Grade 5)

This week I made an animal cell for school! The names of the parts of the cell are: cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus, chromatin, vacuole, golgi apparatus, smooth er, rough er (endoplasmic reticulum), cell membrane, mitochondria, ribosomes, centrioles, and lysosomes.

Animal Cell Made Out Of Cake and Candy (non-dairy)

All of the parts of the cell were made out of non-dairy sweets and include Twizzlers, Gummi Worms, Jelly Filled Hello Kitty Marshmallows, Rips, Angel Food Cake from Ralph's, blue and red Betty Crocker frosting, Duncan Hines whipped frosting in Fluffy White, Nerds, and the awesome powers of ME!! It took us a few days to get our game plan together on how we were going to make it. Once we did, it came together quickly. It was a fun way to learn the parts of the animal cell! :)

My mom helped me download Avery Template 8160 and print up the words I typed in the template cells. We taped them onto mini bamboo forks.

And that is how you make an animal cell in 5th grade! :)

Fun with animal cell science! Twizzler=Cell Membrane :)

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